“Our campaign is focused on the importance of access to affordable healthcare, high-quality public education, good-paying jobs, and fixing our broken campaign finance system.

Our government should be a democracy by the people and for the people, as our founders intended. People of all income levels and backgrounds should be able to participate in government by running for office and by having a say in who their representatives are. Unfortunately, the deck is stacked in our elections by the powerful and the moneyed, and we need to fix that with campaign finance reform.

Because the voices of ordinary Americans are being drowned out by wealthy corporations and special interests, we’re not solving the issues that are most important to ordinary Ohioans. It’s critical that we break through the dysfunction to address important issues like the costs of healthcare and prescription drugs, the need for good-paying jobs, and quality public educational opportunities from early childhood through career transitions.” -Betsy Rader (D-OH), Apr. 23, 2018, (WKBK)