We need a representative who is accountable to the voters, not a rich father or shadowy Super PAC donors.  That’s why I don’t take a dime in corporate PAC money: my campaign is funded completely by individuals, labor unions and progressive organizations that have endorsed me. That is why End Citizens United has endorsed me in the Ninth District.  But let me be clear: this isn’t how I think it should be.  Candidates and members of Congress should spend their time solving problems, not raising money.

That’s why I support a comprehensive plan to change the way elections are run in this country. It’s called the Government by the People Act… As a result, a candidate could raise as much money from the small-dollar support of working Hoosiers as Trey has raised from corporate PACs and his millionaire family. The voices of everyday Americans would be amplified, until they can be heard over the noise of corporate money. And our representatives would be forced to work not for corporations, or billionaires, or the Koch brothers, or the NRA – but for the voters who elected them.

-From the campaign finance section on LizforIndiana.com