On Day 3 of Fix Democracy Now week, the campaign focused on state and local initiatives that will be on the ballot this fall. From small-donor public financing reforms in Albuquerque, Denver, and Baltimore, to an anti-gerrymandering and anti-big money initiative in Missouri, and a constitutional amendment to restore the eligibility to vote to former felons in Florida, voters across the country will have an opportunity to fix their democracy on Election Day.

Here are a few of our favorite tweets from today:

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Fix Democracy Now partner End Citizens United’s state project, Fight for Reform, also announced their endorsement of 49 state-level candidates who are committed to reform – including Edward Nelson (TN-HD-19), who tweeted about #FixDemocracy Now:

So far, more than 2 dozen congressional candidates and many other state and local candidates have held press conferences and Facebook lives, released new reform plans, and tweeted about their support for policies that would make democracy work for all of us, not just the wealthy few. Check out our Twitter moment rounding up all the candidates, and our press release about the impressive show of support for reform from candidates around the country.

Tomorrow, the campaign will be focusing on the Supreme Court, and what’s at stake for our democracy if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed.